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The libertas driver made it's debut in the OLPC laptop, where drives an Marvell 88W83886 USB device. Later driver front ends for similar chips which use compact flash or SDIO have been written.

supported chips

  • Marvell 88W8385 CF/SDIO
  • Marvell 88W8386 USB

available devices

  • AmbiCom WL54CF (CF)

  • SparkLAN WCFM-100 (CF)

  • Pretec CompactWLAN 802.11g CFEWGS
  • prototype boards
  • OLPC laptop


  • station (with limited roaming support)
  • ad-hoc
  • Mesh on USB devices (802.11s like)

related tools

  • lbsdebug
    • Mainly interesting for developers, it allows to switch various debug messages on and of.
  • lbsfwcutter
    • Can extract a firmware out of a binary file.

You can get the source of the tools via

  • git clone git:// tools

device firmware

All devices need firmware.

  • USB
    • Go to Marvell's driver download page and search for OLPC. Download, extract to /lib/firmware/ and be happy.

  • CF
    • Get the libertas-tools from above and change into the fwcutter/ directory. Type make. The makefile will download a binary driver, extract the firmware out of it, checks it. Copy the two firmware files libertas_helper.fw and libertas.fw from the fwcutter/ directory into the /lib/firmware/ directory.

  • SDIO
    • Claud Yu got the driver working, using a firmware 8.73.7.p3 (downloaded from The 9.70.3.p18 firmware doesn't support the CMD_802_11_DATA_RATE command that the libertas driver currently needs.

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