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About wil6210

wil6210 is the Wilocity 60 GHz 802.11ad driver.

What works

Only monitor mode can be used right now.

  • sniffer. Due to hardware limitation it captures either only CP (control PHY) or DP (data PHY) frames
  • BSS between 2 peers. Both AP and managed modes supported. Single peer is hardware limitation. Iperf gives slightly above 1gbps


  • P2P and FST flows
  • after disconnect, upon 2-nd connect hardware goes crazy
  • various offloads


A slew of initial 802.11ad patches have been posted. The drivers needs quite a bit of work before it gets posted for inclusion upstream but for those who have hardware and want to test the driver out in monitor mode you can use this release:

You will need a kernel >= 2.6.30 given that the driver relies on PCI MSI being supported by your kernel. Ths release can be used on any kernel >= 2.6.30.


We need to get this publicly available...

In the current version, firmware stored in the flash memory on the NIC and not downloaded by the driver. Firmware flashing required for the upgrade only.

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