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About wil6210

wil6210 is the Wilocity 60 GHz 802.11ad driver.

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What works

Only monitor mode can be used right now.

  • sniffer. Due to hardware limitation it captures either only CP (control PHY) or DP (data PHY) frames
  • BSS between 2 peers. Both AP and managed modes supported. Single peer is hardware limitation. Iperf gives slightly above 1gbps

= Needs work =

  • P2P and FST flows
  • after disconnect, upon 2-nd connect hardware goes crazy
  • MSI interrupt
  • various offloads


A slew of initial 802.11ad patches have been posted. The drivers needs quite a bit of work, but for those who have hardware and want to test the driver out in monitor mode you can use this release:


We need to get this publicly available...

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