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  • Add support for customizing the MCS rate mask used

Regulatory database improvements

  • Implement new regulatory interpretation rules as discussed in this thread. In summary, using the notation outlined for mathematical intervals:

     0) for all 1 <= k < n : MAX_k <= MIN_{k+1}
     1) each rule in the regdomain covers the frequency range (MIN_1, MAX_1]
     2) given C = union (over all k = 1 .. n) of (MIN_k, MAX_k] it must be
       true that (CENTER - BW/2, CENTER + BW/2) is a subset of C
     3) it must be true for all 1 <= k <= n:
           if CENTER in (MIN_k, MAX_k] : BW <= BW_k   
     4) This is easier to formulate algorithmically:
       USE_FLAGS = 0
       for k = 1 .. n
           if (CENTER - BW/2, CENTER + BW/2) intersects (MIN_k, MAX_k]:
               USE_FLAGS |= FLAGS_k
  • allow for TPC
  • allow for spectral power limits (e.g. 10mW/MHz)


  • make scan timeout variable depending on scan length, in case scans take longer than the current 15 seconds



  • active scanning; maintain the mesh beacon in ieee80211_if_mesh like AP and IBSS and handle probe requests.

AP support


  • drivers with IV offload do not correctly report IV/PN to nl80211
  • Need to stop TX/RX when a radar is detected for the duration of scan for a new channel.


  • improve paged skb RX for performance
  • reset the connection and beacon monitor timers when we are able to successfully TX data to an AP (we currently do it on RX)
  • move survey caching code from ath9k to mac80211 so that other drivers can simply update channel survey data once and all cached data can be sent back to userspace as ath9k does it
  • improve roaming time by collapsing synchronize_rcu() (or even getting rid of it by using call_rcu()) in station/key management

power saving

  • move checking for broadcast / multicast frames to mac80211 before going to PS. ath9k already has some code for this, this should be moved to mac80211. Or just extend documentation to indicate drivers are required to do this.
  • 11v support (eventually)

Offchannel work

  • optimise "offchannel" to not stop beaconing/traffic/etc. when using the operating channel
  • implement addBA in terms off "offchannel" on the operating channel so it blocks other offchannel while waiting for a response
  • don't time out RX BA agreements while offchannel
  • do TX flushing as appropriate
  • Wait for DTIM beacon and multicast traffic before going offchannel



  • q/a procedure for stack
  • winlab
  • info on test coverage
  • tests themselves need to be documented
  • instructions how to run tests site

  • fix CSS colours, for example link colours (if you want to start, look at the files in moin/linuxwireless/css/ and send diffs to <johannes AT sipsolutions DOT net>)

  • fix print view to include a black&white logo

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