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  • Add support for customizing the MCS rate mask used

Regulatory database improvements

  • Implement new regulatory interpretation rules as discussed in this thread. In summary, using the notation outlined for mathematical intervals:

     0) for all 1 <= k < n : MAX_k <= MIN_{k+1}
     1) each rule in the regdomain covers the frequency range (MIN_1, MAX_1]
     2) given C = union (over all k = 1 .. n) of (MIN_k, MAX_k] it must be
       true that (CENTER - BW/2, CENTER + BW/2) is a subset of C
     3) it must be true for all 1 <= k <= n:
           if CENTER in (MIN_k, MAX_k] : BW <= BW_k   
     4) This is easier to formulate algorithmically:
       USE_FLAGS = 0
       for k = 1 .. n
           if (CENTER - BW/2, CENTER + BW/2) intersects (MIN_k, MAX_k]:
               USE_FLAGS |= FLAGS_k
  • allow for TPC
  • allow for spectral power limits (e.g. 10mW/MHz)


  • make scan timeout variable depending on scan length, in case scans take longer than the current 15 seconds


AP support

  • injected frames need to be tied to another virtual interface to get the software sequence number and keys (only relevant for 11w) right
  • AP DFS or AP radar detection

  • WAPI support

  • EAPOL TX & status

  • mgmt TX do-not-encrypt flag for shared key auth?
  • class 3 from non-auth station event


  • Need to stop TX/RX when a radar is detected for the duration of scan for a new channel.
  • fix race in ap_sta_ps_end (it first clears the PS bit and then tells the driver etc.)


  • improve paged skb RX for performance
  • reset the connection and beacon monitor timers when we are able to successfully TX data to an AP (we currently do it on RX)

power saving

  • move checking for broadcast / multicast frames to mac80211 before going to PS. ath9k already has some code for this, this should be moved to mac80211.
  • uAPSD support – AP side (Intel has old AP u-APSD patches)

  • 11v support (eventually)


  • mac80211 drivers use userspace (wpa_supplicant) for roaming (in wpa_supplicant specify ap_scan=1)
  • need to export roaming capabilities of device (mac80211 has none, but fullmac cards might be able to autonomously select the best BSS) so that we don't need to configure wpa_supplicant and it can do the right thing automatically

Offchannel work

  • optimise "offchannel" to not stop beaconing/traffic/etc. when using the operating channel
  • implement addBA in terms off "offchannel" on the operating channel so it blocks other offchannel while waiting for a response
  • don't time out RX BA agreements while offchannel
  • do TX flushing as appropriate
  • Wait for DTIM beacon and multicast traffic before going offchannel



  • q/a procedure for stack
  • winlab
  • info on test coverage
  • tests themselves need to be documented
  • instructions how to run tests site

  • fix CSS colours, for example link colours (if you want to start, look at the files in moin/linuxwireless/css/ and send diffs to <johannes AT sipsolutions DOT net>)

  • fix print view to include a black&white logo

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