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Boston 2010

CANCELLED / POSTPONED (was August 8-9)

The original LinuxCon-hosted event has been cancelled due to the fact that the peer-to-peer specification will not have been released at that time. We are seeking venues for a replacement event later in the year, probably still in the Boston area. Watch this space for updates!

The original info is preserved below just in case it is helpful to someone...

This event will be colocated with LinuxCon 2010. As this is a sponsored event, we need an accurate estimate of the number of attendees. Please add your name to the Attendees list below if you wish to join us for this event. Feel free to add to the Proposed Topics list as well.

Attendees are required to register for LinuxCon 2010 (August 10-12)

Proposed Topics

  • cfg80211/mac80211 issues with different channels on different virtual interfaces
  • wifi direct integration issues
  • powersaving in multi-interface scenarios
  • automated testing of the drivers
  • extended capabilities and action frame registration (11v)
  • define mac80211 callback order (e.g. station notification before/after bss_info_changed?)
    • iwlwifi might require knowing this to disable hw group crypto, not sure what happens if simply no key exists


  • John W. Linville
  • Luis R. Rodriguez
  • Lukas Turek, Tomas Dulik

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