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Free Linux Wireless Driver Development!

If you are a wireless vendor and would like to see a driver for your hardware in Linux we have good news for you. We will write the driver for you for free! In addition we will also commit to keep testing it through the different kernel versions and support it for you through our community effort. Bellow is a guideline of how this works:

  • E-mail John Linville (, our Linux wireless kernel maintainer, and CC Greg Kroah-Hartman ( of your intent to want to get your driver fixed or written from scratch for inclusion in the Linux kernel. John and Greg will then arrange for a conference call to sort out your current driver status, revise your details of your hardware, address any NDA concerns and start coordination of driver developer resources.

  • You will have to ship the developers involved a few wireless cards, as well as one to [ Orbit]

  • Driver will be tested through [ Orbit]'s Linux wireless testing infrastructure

  • Driver is pushed to -mm tree for review and further testing
  • Driver is pushed upstream

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