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r8192ce is a driver for RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE PCI devices, and r8192ce is a driver for RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB devices. Both of them are based on mac80211 and supported by linux-wireless.

r8192e_pci is a driver for RTL8192E PCI-E devices. r8712u and r8192u_usb are for RTL8192SU and RTL8712U(RTL8192SU) USB devices, respectively. They are included in the staging tree at linux-2.6/drivers/staging and they are NOT supported by linux-wireless developers or mailing list.

Instead ask for support in or to the maintainer, Greg Kroah-Hartman < >.

UPDATE: 22.10.2010

The r8192s_usb driver has been dropped in favor of r8712u, as this;a=commit;h=2865d42c78a9121caad52cb02d1fbb7f5cdbc4ef.

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