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Marvell 802.11n SDIO/PCI-E/USB FullMAC driver.

Supported chipsets

  • SDIO SD8786/SD8787/SD8797/SD8897

  • PCI-E 8766/8897

  • USB USB8797

Firmware binary

The firmware can be obtained from firmware tree.

AP Mode

mwifiex does support access point mode, but an access point interface must be created using iw dev mlan0 interface add uap0 type __ap
This interface can then be used with hostapd.

Supported PHY modes:


To start AP operations in 11a mode, driver needs to first provide regulatory hint to cfg80211 core about current country settings.
Otherwise cfg80211 puts device into world domain where almost all channels from 11a band are disabled.
This can be done by loading driver with regulatory alpha setting. Load mwifiex driver with following setting to enable 11a band operations:

insmod mwifiex.ko reg_alpha2=<country-code>

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