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  • MadWifi - a Linux kernel device driver for Wireless LAN chipsets from Atheros.

    When was launched (sometime in the Fall of 2005) we switched to a new codebase submitted by Atheros. This new code offers advanced features, including, but not limited to, a new HAL, support for virtual APs and WDS.

    Note: June 2006, "madwifi-old" has been deprecated, it is no longer supported. All users are encouraged to use an official release tarball, which contains a stable snapshot of svn trunk.


/!\ This driver is not fully open source, it requires a hardware abstraction layer closed source binary.

supported chips

All PCI and Cardbus Devices with Chipset from Atheros

available devices

Devices List


Enhanced Chipset Support

  • The HAL that comes along with the new code now supports almost all of chipsets that are currently available. There should be a new HAL soon which supports all of them except for USB chipsets.

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