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ath6kl debugging


Use debug_mask module parameter to enable debug logs. For example, to enable all possible log levels do:

modprobe ath6kl_sdio.ko debug_mask=0xffffffff

The log messages printed using the standard kernel log facilies, for example you can use dmesg or syslog to access them.

The log levels are defined in debug.h.

Some useful debug_mask values:


boot, suspend, wmi


irq, wmi, sdio, boot


ath6kl also has a debugfs interface for debugging driver and firmware state. The debugfs directory is in ieee80211/phy*/ath6kl/ under the debugfs root directory, which is distribution dependent (usually /sys/kernel/debug/ and needs to be mounted separately).

Few important files:

various firmware statistics
latest firmware debug logs, use cp to copy the logs to a file
HTC endpoint statistics
list of possible roaming candidates
dump of firmware registers (slow)

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