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Per airo.c, support for Cisco/Aironet 802.11 wireless ethernet cards. Direct support for ISA/PCI/MPI cards and support for PCMCIA when used with airo_cs. Supports Aironet 4500, 4800 and Cisco 340/350 among others.

available devices

Needs a link to a device list, or preferably put it on a subpage /devices like en/users/Drivers/b43/devices to have it show up on the global list.


Needs a general feature description.


  • 802.11b
  • WPA
  • lots more

not working yet

  • list features that could be supported but are not yet

not supported

  • 802.11g/n
  • WPA2?

device firmware

Only firmware versions 5.30.17 or better can do WPA. Needs information on the firmware and obtaining it.

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