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information for developers

This section of the site features information for developers, both for those coming to linux wireless for the first time as well as those who work with it a lot.

If you've just arrived here, we suggest that you read the article on [:en/developers/CodeDevelopment:code development] first. There is also documentation on submitting [:en/developers/NewDrivers:new drivers].

If you'd like to stick around then we suggest you sign up to the wireless development [:en/developers/MailingLists:mailing list].

Specific information is available on the following topics:

  • [:en/developers/mac80211: Information on mac80211, the wireless networking stack]
  • [:en/developers/cfg80211: Information on cfg80211, the wireless configuration entity]

We also maintain a [:en/developers/todo list:todo list].

For the benefit of others, we have ["/specs" pointers to specifications].


  • [:en/developers/maintainers:Maintainer information]
  • [:en/developers/mac80211/kerneldoc:mac80211 kernel-doc]
  • [:en/developers/cfg80211/kerneldoc:cfg80211 kernel-doc]

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