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About specifications

This page contains a list of specifications used to write Linux drivers for several wireless cards, and which, alternatively, can be used to write drivers for any other platforms.

Broadcom hardware specifications

The ["../../users/Drivers/b43" b43 driver] was written based on the reverse engineered specification. This device currently is known to use two different firmware types, each of which changes the behavior of the driver. Because of this we have two different drivers for each handle each firmware. Fortunately we have specifications written for both firmwares.

Atheros ar5000 specifications

Since hardware component of the Linux driver was based on the [ Linux OpenHAL], and since the OpenHAL was based on Reyk Floeter's [ ar5k] we had no specifications but ar5k to base work for a driver. We however can, and will, start a specifications page for Atheros ar5000 devices. This effort is to go under the page. We hope other operating system developers will help us in advancing these specifications.

Airgo hardware

This is new and ongoing project.

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