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The zd1211rw (and zd1211rw-d80211) driver is a community effort to rewrite the wireless driver for Linux that ZyDAS released. This driver is the so-called "rewritten driver", hence the "rw" in the name.



There are some possible instability issues, maybe related to lack of TX power calibration.

supported chips

The zd1211rw driver supports the AL2230, RF2959 and AL7230B RF chips with ZD1211 chips and the AL2230 RF chip with ZD1211B chips.

available devices

The current hardware list is maintained at

Note that the list also contains devices that are "Untested with rewrite", i.e. not tested with this driver!



  • Station mode
  • A/B/G support (but only few devices support A)

not working yet

  • hardware crypto assist
  • ad-Hoc mode

not supported

  • AP mode

device firmware

The firmware needs to be downlaoded from and extracted/installed so that hotplug can find it (the exact directory depends on your distribution..

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