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Product Chipset
USB Vendor
USB Product
Airlink101 AWLL6070 RT2770+RT2720 0x14b2 0x3c27
Airlink101 AWLL6080 RT2870+RT2820 0x14b2 0x3c23
Airlink101 AWLL7025 RT2870+RT2850 0x15a9 0x0012
ALFA_Network AWUS050NH RT2770+RT2750 0x148f 0x2770
ALFA_Network AWUS051NH RT2770+RT2750 0x148f 0x2770
ALFA_Network Tube-U(N) RT3070 0x148f 0x3070
Asus USB-N11 RT2870+RT2820 0x0b05 0x1761
Asus WL-160N RT2870+RT2820 0x0b05 0x1731
AZiO AWU101N RT3070 0x148f 0x3070
Belkin F5D8051 v3 RT2870+RT2820 0x050d 0x805c
Belkin F5D8053 v3 RT2770+RT2720 0x050d 0x815c
Belkin F5D8055 v1 RT2870+RT2820 0x050d 0x825a
Belkin F5D8055 v2 RT3072 0x050d 0x825b
Buffalo WLI-UC-AG300N RT2870+RT2850 0x0411 0x012e
Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N RT2870+RT2820 0x0411 0x00e8
Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM RT3070V 0x0411 0x01a2
Buffalo WLP-UC-AG300 RT2870+RT2850 0x0411 0x0150
CenDyne JR300N RT2870+RT2820 0x148f 0x2870
Cisco AM10 RT3072 0x13b1 0x0031
Conceptronic C300RU v1 RT2870+RT2820 0x14b2 0x3c06
Conceptronic C300RU v2 RT2770+RT2720 0x14b2 0x3c28
D-Link DWA-125 rev A1 RT3070 0x07d1 0x3c0d
D-Link DWA-125 rev A2 RT3070 0x07d1 0x3c16
D-Link DWA-130 rev B RT2870+RT2820 0x07d1 0x3c13
D-Link DWA-140 rev B1 RT2870+RT2820 0x07d1 0x3c09
D-Link DWA-140 rev B2 RT3072 0x07d1 0x3c0a
D-Link DWA-160 rev B1 RT2870+RT2850 0x07d1 0x3c11
D-Link WUA-2340 rev A1 RT2070 0x07d1 0x3c0e
DrayTek Vigor N61 RT2870+RT2820 0x14b2 0x3c25
Edimax EW-7711UMn RT3070 0x7392 0x7711
Edimax EW-7717Un RT2770+RT2720 0x7392 0x7717
Edimax EW-7718Un RT2870+RT2820 0x7392 0x7718
Edimax EW-7722UTn RT3072 0x7392 0x7722
EnGenius EUB-9701 RT2870+RT2820 0x1740 0x9701
EnGenius EUB-9702 RT2770+RT2720 0x1740 0x9702
EnGenius EUB-9703 RT3070 0x1740 0x9703
EnGenius EUB-9706 RT3072 0x1740 0x9706
Gemtek WUBR-208N RT2870+RT2850 0x15a9 0x0012
Gigabyte GN-WB30N-RH RT2870+RT2820 0x1044 0x800b
Gigabyte GN-WB31N-RH RT2770+RT2720 0x1044 0x800c
Gigabyte GN-WB32L-RH RT3070 0x1044 0x800d
Hawking HWDN1 RT2870+RT2820 0x0e66 0x0003
Hawking HWDN2 RT2770+RT2720 0x0e66 0x000b
Hawking HWUN1 RT2870+RT2820 0x0e66 0x0001
Hawking HWUN2 RT2770+RT2720 0x0e66 0x0009
Hawking HWUN3 RT3070 0x0e66 0x0013
Keebox W150NU 0x14b2 0x3c2c
Linksys WUSB100 v1 RT2770+RT2720 0x1737 0x0070
Linksys WUSB100 v2 RT3070 0x1737 0x0078
Linksys WUSB600N v1 / WUSB600N-EU RT2870+RT2850 0x1737 0x0071 450mA
MSI WLAN 11N US300EX Lite 0x148f 0x3070
PEGATRON WL166N11 0x1d4d 0x000c
PRO-NETS WU81RL1 RT2770+RT2720 0x148f 0x2770
Pentagram P 6132-08 0x148f 0x3070 450mA
Planex GW-USMini2N RT2870+RT2820 0x2019 0xab25
Ralink RT2070 RT2070 0x148f 0x2070
Ralink RT2770 0x148f 0x2770
Ralink RT2870 0x148f 0x2870
Ralink RT3070 0x148f 0x3070
Ralink RT3071 RT3071 0x148f 0x3071
Ralink RT3072 RT3072 0x148f 0x3072
Ralink RT3370 RT3370 0x148f 0x3370
Ralink RT8070 RT8070 0x148f 0x8070
Rosewill RNX-N1 RT2870+RT2820 0x148f 0x2870
Rosewill RNX-N250UB RT3072 0x148f 0x3072
Rosewill RNX-N2X RT2870+RT2820 0x148f 0x2870
Samsung WIS09ABGN RT2870+RT2850 0x04e8 0x2018
Sitecom WL-182 0x0df6 0x0017
Sitecom WL-188 0x0df6 0x002b
Sitecom WL-301 0x0df6 0x002c
Sitecom WL-302 0x0df6 0x002d
Sitecom WL-315 0x0df6 0x0039
Sitecom WL-321 0x0df6 0x003b
Sitecom WL-323 0x0df6 0x003c
Sitecom WL-324 0x0df6 0x003d
Sitecom WL-343 RT3070 0x0df6 0x003e
Sitecom WL-344 0x0df6 0x0040
Sitecom WL-345 0x0df6 0x0042
Sitecom WL-608 RT2070 0x0df6 0x003f
Tenda W311U RT3070 0x148f 0x3070
TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND RT3070 0x148f 0x3070
TP-LINK TL-WN727N RT3070 0x148f 0x3070 450mA
TP-LINK TL-WN321G RT2070 0x148f 0x2070
TRENDnet TEW-624UB rev B1 RT2870+RT2820 0x148f 0x2870
TRENDnet TEW-644UB RT2770+RT2720 0x148f 0x2770
TRENDnet TEW-645UB RT2770+RT2720 0x157e 0x3013
TRENDnet TEW-664UB RT2870+RT2850 0x148f 0x2870
Zonet ZEW2508 RT2070 0x148f 0x2070
ZyXEL NWD-210N 0x0586 0x3416
ZyXEL NWD-211AN RT2870+RT2850 0x0586 0x3418
ZyXEL NWD-270N RT3070 0x0586 0x341a
ZyXEL NWD2105 RT3070 0x0586 0x341e
ZyXEL NWD210N RT2870+RT2820 0x0586 0x3416

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