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Supported PCI / Cardbus wireless devices

Product form factor Chip
PCI Vendor PCI Product PCI Subvendor PCI Subsystem
3COM 3CRWE154G72 Cardbus ISL3880 0x10b7 0x6001 0x10b7 0x6001
Allnet ALL0271 PCI ISL3880 0x1260 0x3890 0x16a5 0x1605
D-Link Air Plus Xtreme G DWL-G650 A1 Cardbus ISL3890 0x1260 0x3890 0x1186 0x3202
Intersil PRISM Duette ISL3890 0x1260 0x3890
Intersil PRISM GT ISL3880 0x1260 0x3890
Intersil PRISM Indigo ISL3877 0x1260 0x3877
Intersil PRISM Javelin/Xbow ISL3886 0x1260 0x3886
Intersil PRISM Xbow ISL3886 0x1260 0xffff
Netgear WG511 V2 Cardbus ISL3890 0x1260 0x3890 0x1385 0x4800
Netgear WG511 V3 Cardbus ISL3886 0x1260 0x3890 0x1385 0x4800
SMC 2802W V1 PCI ISL3890 0x1260 0x3890 0x10b8 0x2802
SMC 2802W V2 PCI ISL3886 0x1260 0x3886 0x1113 0xee03
SMC 2835W Cardbus 0x1260 0x3890 0x10b8 0x2835
SMC 2835W V2 Cardbus ISL3880 0x1260 0x3890 0x10b8 0xa835
SMC 2835W V3 EU Cardbus ISL3886 0x1260 0x3886 0x1113 0xee08
Symbol AP300 11AR Mini-PCI ISL3886 0x1260 0xffff 0x1260 0x0000
T-Com T-Sinus 154 PCI 0x1260 0x3890 0x1113 0x8201
T-Com T-Sinus 154 Cardbus 0x1260 0x3890 0x1113 0xb301
Xterasys XG-601 Mini-PCI ISL3880 0x1260 0x3890 0x1260 0x0000
Xterasys XG-603 Mini-PCI ISL3886 0x1260 0x3886 0x1260 0x0000
ZyXEL ZyAIR G-100 Cardbus ISL3890 0x1260 0x3890 0x16a5 0x1605

Supported USB wireless devices

Product Chip
USB Vendor USB Product MaxPower
2Wire 802.11g USB (v1) ISL3886 0x1630 0x0005
3COM 3CRWE254G72 ISL3886 0x0506 0x0a11
Accton 802.11g WN4501 USB ISL3886 0x083a 0x4501
Accton FD7050E ver 1010ec ISL3887 0x083a 0xf503
Actiontec 802UIG-1 ISL3887 0x1668 0x1050
Airvast WM168g ISL3886 0x124a 0x4023
Belkin F5D7050 ver 1000 ISL3887 0x0707 0xee06
Buffalo WLI2-USB2-G54 ISL3886 0x0411 0x0050
Cohiba Proto board ISL3887 0x413c 0x8104
Conceptronic C54U ISL3886 0x2001 0x3762
Corega CG-WLUSB2GT ISL3886 0x07aa 0x001c
Corega CG-WLUSB2GTST ISL3887 0x07aa 0x0020
Dell Truemobile 1300 Wireless USB Adapter ISL3880 0x413c 0x8102
Dell Wireless 1450 USB ISL3887 0x413c 0x8104 500mA
Dell WLA3310 USB Wireless Adapter ISL3887 0x413c 0x5513
DrayTek Vigor 530 ISL3886 0x0675 0x0530
D-Link DWL-G120 Spinnaker ISL3886 0x2001 0x3701
D-Link DWL-G120 Cohiba ISL3887 0x0d8e 0x3762
D-Link DWL-G120 rev C1 ISL3887 0x2001 0x3705
D-Link DWL-G122 ISL3886 0x2001 0x3703
D-Link DWL-G122 REV A2 ISL3887 0x2001 0x3704
Fujitsu E-5400 USB D1700 ISL3887 0x0bf8 0x1009
Fujitsu E-5400 USB ISL3886 0x0bf8 0x1007
Gateway WGU-210 ISL3886 0x107b 0x55f2
Gemtek WUBI-100GW ISL3887 0x15a9 0x0002
IOGear GWU513 ISL3886 0x124a 0x4023
IOGear GWU513 (GW3887IK chip) ISL3887 0x124a 0x4025
Inventel UR054G ISL3886 0x1435 0x0210
Inventel UR054G ISL3887 0x1435 0x0427
Linksys WUSB54G Portable ISL3886 0x5041 0x2235
Linksys WUSB54GP ISL3886 0x5041 0x2235
Linksys WUSB54G ISL3886 0x5041 0x2234
Linksys WUSB54AG ISL3887 0x13b1 0x000c
Linksys WUSB54G V2 ISL3887 0x13b1 0x000a
Medion 40900, Roper Europe ISL3886 0x0cde 0x0006
Medion MD40900 ISL3887 0x0cde 0x0006
Microsoft MN-710 ISL3886 0x045e 0x00c2
MSI UB54G (MS-6826) ISL3886 0x0db0 0x6826
Netgear WG111 V1 (rev.1) ISL3886 0x0846 0x4220
Netgear WG111 V1 (rev.2) ISL3887 0x0846 0x4240
Netgear WG121 V1 ISL3886 0x0846 0x4200
Netgear WG121 V2 ISL3886 0x0846 0x4210
Philips CPWUA054 ISL3886 0x083a 0x5501
Philips CPWUA054/00 ISL3887 0x0471 0x1230
Sagem XG703A ISL3887 0x0cde 0x0008
Senao NUB-350 ISL3887 0x1740 0x1000
Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter ISL3886 0x083a 0x4502
Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54 V2 ISL3887 0x083a 0x4521
Sitecom WL-107 ISL3886 0x182d 0x096b
SparkLAN WL-682 ISL3887 0x15a9 0x0002
Spinnaker Proto board ISL3886 0x09aa 0x1000
Spinnaker DUT ISL3887 0x413c 0x8102
Shuttle PN15 ISL3886 0x124a 0x4023
SMC 2862W-G v1 ISL3886 0x0707 0xee06
SMC 2862W-G v2 ISL3887 0x0707 0xee13
SMC 2862W-G v3 ISL3887 0x1260 0xee22
T-Com Sinus 154 data II ISL3887 0x083a 0x4531
T-Com Speedport W 100 Stick ISL3887 0x0572 0x2002
Telsey 802.11g USB2.0 Adapter ISL3887 0x1413 0x5400
Thomson Speedtouch 120g ISL3886 0x06b9 0x0120
Thomson Speedtouch 121g ISL3887 0x06b9 0x0121
U.S. Robotics U5 802.11g Adapter ISL3887 0x0baf 0x0118
Westell 802.11g USB (A90-211WG-01) ISL3887 0x06a9 0x000e
Zcomax XG-705A ISL3887 0x0cde 0x0015
Zoom 4410 ISL3887 0x083a 0xc501
Zoom 4410a ISL3887 0x0803 0x4310

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