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Supported Orinoco wireless devices

PCMCIA devices

Product Driver variant
IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN/PC Card orinoco_cs
3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
3Com AirConnect PCI 777A orinoco_cs 0x0101 0x0777
ACTIONTEC PRISM Wireless LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
AIRVAST IEEE 802.11b Wireless PCMCIA Card orinoco_cs
ARtem Onair Comcard 11 orinoco_cs 0x0268 0x0003
ARtem Onair orinoco_cs 0x0268 0x0001
ASUS 802_11B_CF_CARD_25 orinoco_cs
ASUS 802_11b_PC_CARD_25 orinoco_cs
ASUS SpaceLink WL-100 orinoco_cs 0x02aa 0x0002
Adaptec Ultra Wireless ANW-8030 orinoco_cs 0x9005 0x0021
Addtron AWP-100 Wireless PCMCIA orinoco_cs
AirWay 802.11 Adapter (PCMCIA) orinoco_cs 0x0261 0x0002
Airvast WN-100 orinoco_cs 0x50c2 0x7300
Allied Telesyn AT-WCL452 Wireless PCMCIA Radio orinoco_cs
AnyPoint(TM) Wireless II PC Card orinoco_cs 0x0089 0x0002
Avaya Communication Avaya Wireless PC Card orinoco_cs
Buffalo WLI-CF-S11G orinoco_cs
Buffalo WLI-PCM-L11G orinoco_cs
Buffalo WLI-PCM-S11 orinoco_cs 0x026f 0x0305
CONTEC FLEXSCAN/FX-DDS110-PCC orinoco_cs 0xc001 0x0008
Cabletron RoamAbout 802.11 DS orinoco_cs 0x0156 0x0002
Compaq HNW-100 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0x028a 0x0002
Compaq WL100 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0x0138 0x0002
Compaq WL200_11Mbps_Wireless_PCI_Card orinoco_cs
Conceptronic CON11Cpro orinoco_cs 0xc250 0x0002
Corega K.K. WL PCCL-11 orinoco_cs
Corega K.K. Wireless LAN PCC-11 orinoco_cs
Corega K.K. Wireless LAN PCCA-11 orinoco_cs
Corega K.K. Wireless_LAN_PCCB-11 orinoco_cs
D-Link DCF660 orinoco_cs 0xd601 0x0005
D-Link DRC-650 11Mbps WLAN Card orinoco_cs
D-Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card orinoco_cs
D-Link DWL-650H 11Mbps WLAN Adapter orinoco_cs
Digital Data Communications WPC-0100 orinoco_cs
Elsa AirLancer MC-11 orinoco_cs
EMTAC A2424i orinoco_cs 0xc250 0x0002
Ericsson WLAN Card C11 orinoco_cs 0x016b 0x0001
HyperLink Wireless PC Card 11Mbps orinoco_cs
Instant Wireless Network PC CARD orinoco_cs
Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
Intel PRO/Wireless LAN PC Card 2011B spectrum_cs
Intermec MobileLAN 11Mbps 802.11b WLAN Card orinoco_cs 0x01ff 0x0008
Intersil HFA384x/IEEE orinoco_cs
Intersil I-GATE 11M PC Card / PC Card plus orinoco_cs
Intersil PRISM 2_5 PCMCIA ADAPTER orinoco_cs
Intersil PRISM Freedom PCMCIA Adapter orinoco_cs
LeArtery SYNCBYAIR 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card orinoco_cs
Linksys WCF12 Wireless CompactFlash Card orinoco_cs 0x028a 0x0673
Linksys WPC11 Version 2.5 orinoco_cs 0x0274 0x1612
Linksys WPC11 Version 3 orinoco_cs 0x0274 0x1613
Linksys Wireless CompactFlash Card orinoco_cs
Lucent Orinoco and old Intersil orinoco_cs 0x0156 0x0002
Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE orinoco_cs 0x0156 0x0002
MELCO WLI-PCM-L11 orinoco_cs
MELCO WLI-PCM-L11G orinoco_cs
Microsoft Wireless Notebook Adapter MN-520 orinoco_cs
NCR WaveLAN/IEEE orinoco_cs
Netgear MA401 Wireless PC Card orinoco_cs
Netgear MA401RA Wireless PC Card orinoco_cs
Nortel Networks eMobility 802.11 Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0x01eb 0x080a
Nortel Networks emobility 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
OEM PRISM2 IEEE 802.11 PC-Card orinoco_cs
Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card orinoco_cs 0x0156 0x0002
OTC Wireless AirEZY 2411-PCC WLAN Card orinoco_cs
PCMCIA 11M WLAN Card v2.5 orinoco_cs
PLANEX GeoWave/GW-CF110 orinoco_cs
PLANEX GeoWave/GW-NS110 orinoco_cs
PLANEX RoadLannerWave GW-NS11H orinoco_cs 0x14ea 0xb001
PROXIM RangeLAN-DS/LAN PC CARD orinoco_cs 0x0126 0x8000
Philips 802.11b orinoco_cs 0x000b 0x7300
SAMSUNG 11Mbps WLAN Card orinoco_cs
SMC SMC2532W-B EliteConnect Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0xd601 0x0010
SMC SMC2632W orinoco_cs
Safeway 802.11b orinoco_cs 0xd601 0x0002
Samsung SWL2000-N 11Mb/s WLAN Card orinoco_cs 0x0250 0x0002
Sandisk Connect SDWCFB-000 orinoco_cs 0xd601 0x0005
Socket Communications CF spectrum_cs 0x0104 0x0001
Sohoware NCP110 orinoco_cs 0x000b 0x7300
SonicWALL Long Range Wireless Card orinoco_cs 0x000b 0x7100
SpeedStream SS1021 Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0x02ac 0x0002
SpeedStream Wireless Adapter orinoco_cs 0x02ac 0x3021
Symbol LA4111 Spectrum24 Wireless LAN PC Card orinoco_cs
Symbol Spectrum24 LA4137 spectrum_cs 0x026c 0x0001
ZCOMAX AirRunner/XI-300 orinoco_cs 0xd601 0x0002
ZoomAir 11Mbps High Rate wireless Networking orinoco_cs

PCI devices

Product form factor Driver variant
PCI Vendor
PCI Product
PCI Subvendor
PCI Subsystem
3Com AirConnect PCI PCI orinoco_plx 0x10b7 0x7770
Addtron AWA-100 PCI orinoco_plx 0x1638 0x1100
Belkin F5D6000 PCI orinoco_plx 0xec80 0xec00
Corega K.K. Unknown PCI orinoco_plx 0x15e8 0x0130
Eumitcom PCI WL11000 PCI orinoco_plx 0x1638 0x1100
Global Sun Tech GL24110P PCI orinoco_plx 0x16ab 0x1100
Intersil Prism 2.5 orinoco_pci 0x1260 0x3873
Intersil Prism 3 orinoco_pci 0x1260 0x3872
Linksys WDT11 PCI orinoco_plx 0x16ab 0x1102
Netgear MA301 PCI orinoco_plx 0x1385 0x4100
Nortel Networks emobility PCI PCI orinoco_nortel 0x126c 0x8030
SMC EZConnect SMC2602W PCI orinoco_plx 0x1638 0x1100
Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2210P Mini-PCI orinoco_pci 0x167d 0xa000
Siemens SpeedStream SS1023 PCI orinoco_plx 0x111a 0x1023
Symbol LA-4123 PCI PCI orinoco_nortel 0x1562 0x0001
USRobotics 2415 PCI orinoco_plx 0x16ec 0x3685
Unknown Unknown PCI orinoco_plx 0x16ab 0x1101
Unknown Unknown PCI orinoco_tmd 0x15e8 0x0131

USB devices

Product Driver variant
USB Vendor
USB Product
Compaq WL215 orinoco_usb 0x049f 0x001f
Compaq WL200 orinoco_usb 0x049f 0x0076
HP/Compaq WL215 orinoco_usb 0x049f 0x0082
Buffalo WLI-USB-L11 orinoco_usb 0x0411 0x0006
Buffalo WLI-USB-L11G-WR orinoco_usb 0x0411 0x000b
Buffalo WLI-USB-L11G orinoco_usb 0x0411 0x000d
Lucent Orinoco USB Client orinoco_usb 0x047e 0x0300
Avaya Wireless USB Card orinoco_usb 0x0d98 0x0300
Avaya Wireless USB Card orinoco_usb 0x0d98 0x0300
Agere Model 0801 orinoco_usb 0x0d4e 0x1000
Agere Model 0802 orinoco_usb 0x0d4e 0x1001
Agere (rebrand) WLAN USB Card orinoco_usb 0x0d4e 0x047a
Elsa AirLancer USB-11 orinoco_usb 0x05cc 0x3100
Legend Joynet WLAN USB Card orinoco_usb 0x0e7c 0x0300
Samsung SEW-2001u orinoco_usb 0x04e8 0x5002
Samsung SEW-2001u orinoco_usb 0x04e8 0x5b11
Samsung SEW-2003u orinoco_usb 0x04e8 0x7011
I-GATE 11M USB Card orinoco_usb 0x0681 0x0012
Fujitsu connect2AIR WLAN E-1100 orinoco_usb 0x0bf8 0x1002
2Wire Wireless USB adapter orinoco_usb 0x1630 0xff81

Other devices

The airport driver supports the AirPort in the Apple Powerbook G3 (Firewire) and G4 (Titanium).

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