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carl9170.fw is a fork of the ar9170.fw GPLv2 firmware released by Atheros with the goal of adding more features to the device to supersede in terms of features and capabilities from the original firmware and driver. It is intended to be used with the carl9170 driver.

Firmware source code

The firmware source code can be obtained from firmware tree.

Alternately you can download the firmware source code also from the devel tree at: carl9170fw.git. If you plan do some hacks, get this tree.

Build requirements

The firmware source code comes with support for building the toolchain. Requirements for building everything:

  • cmake 2.8.4+
  • bison
  • flex
  • gcc 4.7+
  • gperf
  • libUSB 1.0+
  • libSDL 1.2+

Firmware binary

You can download the GPLv2 Firmware binary: Firmware archive

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