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ath9k_htc provides hardware support for Atheros AR9001 and AR9002 family hardware.

Get the driver

The driver is part of wireless-testing. See this guide to use the wireless-testing tree directly. Or you can use compat-wireless to get the driver.

Chipsets supported

  • AR9271
  • AR7010

Supported Devices

See the ath9k_htc device list.

Mailing list

Configuring your kernel

Enable these options in your kernel config.



This driver requires firmware, you can get the approriate firmware from the firmware tree.

Firmware map:

AR9271 - ar9271.fw
AR7010 - ar7010.fw or ar7010_1_1.fw

For AR7010 based cards, place both ar7010.fw and ar7010_1_1.fw in /lib/firmware. The driver would load the required firmware.

The firmware has to be placed in the correct location, usually /lib/firmware. This could vary among distributions, so check your distro's policies if loading of the firmware fails.

Supported Features

  • Station Mode
  • Monitor Mode
  • IBSS Mode
  • Legacy (11g) operation
  • HT support
  • TX/RX 11n AMPDU aggregation
  • HW Encryption
  • LED
  • Powersave
  • Suspend/Resume


See here.

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