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Amilo Pa3553 / ath9k

This notebook needs new BIOS V1.16. With previos bios after every reboot Wireless radio is off, and you *can't* activate it with keyboard (Fn + F1) from linux.

Procedure for BIOS update

Download location is

You get download BIOS update when you uncheck option "only supported operating systems".

After that, I suggest to get FreeDOS ISO image (cca 26 MB) and burn it to the CD.

Boot Flash update CD, start FLASH.EXE and wait for green message box - "upgrade successful".

When you have BIOS 1.16

Under Advanced/Wireles Device/Wireless Radio -> Enabled

On reboot, you will see wifi led activated (right corner, on the front of notebook)

It just works with linux kernel ...

It works out of box with 2.6.28 kernel (ubuntu jaunty alpha 3), and 2.6.29-rc3

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