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Supported Atheros wireless devices

Product form factor Atheros Chip
PCI Product
PCI Subvendor PCI Subsystem
Atheros AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter PCI Express 2425 0x001c 0x168c 0x3067
abit AirPace WLP-01 PCI Express 2425 0x001c 0x147b 0x1033
Belkin F5D7010 v5100 Cardbus 2413 0x001a 0x1799 0x701d
Conceptronic C54i PCI 5212 0x0013 0x1186 0x3a93
D-Link DWL-G650 Cardbus 5213A 0x0013 0x1186 0x3a12
D-Link DWA-520 PCI 5212/5213 0x0013 0x1186 0x3a73
Doodle Labs DLM106 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x000B
Doodle Labs DL915 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x000F
Doodle Labs DL5500 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x0016
Doodle Labs TVWS-80 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x1751
Doodle Labs DL3650 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x1680
Doodle Labs DL4600 Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x1C14 0x0705
LevelOne WPC-0300 Cardbus 2414 0x0013 0x168c 0x2051
Netgear WAB501 Cardbus 5211 0x0012 0x1385 0x4400
Netgear WG511T Cardbus 5213A 0x0013 0x1385 0x4b00
Netgear WG511U Cardbus 5213A 0x0013 0x1385 0x4f00
Netgear WPN511 Cardbus 5213A 0x0013 0x1385 0x5d00
Proxim 8480-WD Cardbus 5213A 0x0013 0x14b7 0x0a10
SMC SMC2536W-AG Cardbus 5213 0x0013 0x1113 0xee00
SparkLAN RAT-166AGI Mini-PCI 5414 0x001b 0x168c 0x2062
TP-Link TL-WN310G Cardbus 2417 0x001d 0x168c 0x1055
Wistron DCMA-82 Mini-PCI 5413 0x001b 0x18f5 0x1600
Wistron CM9 Mini-PCI 5212/5213 0x0013 0x18f5 0x1012

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