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ath10k sources location

ath10k development happens in Kalle Valo's ath.git tree on

To clone the tree:

git clone

ath10k driver is located in directory drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k.

If you can't use git, it's also possible to download .zip file from this link:

If you just want to browse the source code with your web browser this links always points to latest version of ath10k:

John Linville pulls the ath tree into wireless-next tree. Then David Miller pulls it to net-next which is eventually pulled by Linus Torvalds to official kernel releases.

Submitting patches

Send patches to the mailing lists below. Kalle Valo reviews the patches within the next few days and, if they are ok, commits them to ath.git.

Preferably use ath.git master branch as the baseline for patches. Other trees can be used as well, but then the chances of conflicts are higher.

More info about submitting patches:

Guidelines for patches:

  • MUST be compiler warning free.
  • MUST be sparse warning free.
  • Commit log MUST not be empty.
  • The commit log MUST answer the question "Why?":
    • Describe the motivation behind the bug.
    • How does it change the functionality from user's point of view?
    • Does it fix a bug? If it does, please describe the bug (doesn't need to be long). Also if there's a public bug report add a link to the bug report.
    • If a problem has been found during code review and doesn't fix a known issues, mention that in the commit log.
  • If others have reported the issue commit log SHOULD use Reported-by: and Tested-by: tags.
  • SHOULD be checkpatch clean:
    • FIXME: add checkpatch example with correct arguments
  • Patches SHOULD be sent with git send-email tool.
  • Patchsets SHOULD contain no more than 12 patches.
  • Patches SHOULD follow ath10k coding style

The terminology is from

The ath10k patch flow is this:

  1. Patch gets posted to the mailing lists.
  2. Kalle immediately applies the patch to ath-next-test for build testing.
  3. Kalle waits two business days for patch being under review (unless the patch is urgent).
  4. If no comments or warnings, Kalle applies the patch to ath-next branch and sends a "Thanks, applied" reply.
  5. Kalle merges ath-next to master branch immeadiately after the patch is applies.
  6. John Linville merges ath-next into wireless-next roughly once a week
  7. David Miller merges wireless-next into net-next every two weeks or so
  8. Linus Torvalds merges net-next into linux.git during merge window

Git branches

ath.git contains multiple branches:

The default branch selected when cloning the tree. Everyone working on ath10k (or ath6kl) should use this branch. Follows John Linville's wireless-testing tree and contains the latest -rc release from Linus Torvalds + latest wireless code from John + latest ath10k/ath6kl code from ath-next branch. Usually the branch is rebased after a merge window (after -rc1 is released). Due to unclean history bisect might not work, better to use ath-next for bisecting.
Based on John's wireless-next tree and John will pull from this branch. ath6kl/ath10k patches are commited to this branch first and then merged to the master branch. For bisect runs it's better to use this branch instead of the master branch.
Used for building and runtime testing patches under review. Is rebased almost daily and hence commit ids are NOT stable. Use this only if you know what you are doing.

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