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at76c50x-usb driver supports USB devices using Atmel at76c50x chipsets. Only 802.11b protocol is supported. The driver is using mac80211 stack.

See also en/users/Drivers/at76_usb, the driver which at76c50x-usb is based on.


The original at76_usb driver which had it's own 802.11 stack but based on the feedback in linux-wireless a mac80211 port was started and the driver was eventually renamed to at76c50x-usb. Help is very welcome to improve the driver.


Some Atmel wireless cards require firmware to be loaded. The firmware can be downloaded from this site:

Supported chipsets

  • at76c503-i3861
  • at76c503-i3863
  • at76c503-rfmd
  • at76c503-rfmd-acc
  • at76c505-rfmd
  • at76c505-rfmd2958
  • at76c505a-rfmd2958
  • at76c505amx-rfmd

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