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Maintaining stable compat-wireles releases

This section covers the details of how stable compat-wireless releases are made and maintained.

Recap on compat-wireless

Wireless driver development occurs on a development tree called wireless-testing. The stable kernel releases are not made from this tree though because wireless-testing consists of patches queued up for the next kernel release. If what was just described does not make any sense to you you can read the bug fix propagation documentation which covers this into much greater detail.

We had been providing tarballs of drivers to users based on wireless-testing but since its a development tree chances are high users would run into issues on occasion. Using the stable kernel should then help with that, and to help tests and get drivers to users quicker we provide tarballs based on the latest stable RC kernel. So as soon as 2.6.33-rc1 will be released we'll provide a package with those drivers to users and distributions.

compat-wireless branches

compat-wireless works off the the wireless-testing git tree, as such its master git branch is for usage with the wireless-testing git tree. Different branches are created upon a release of a new stable RC kernel and these new branches are then used only for updates for hunk changes and bug fixes while the master branch continues on with the wireless-testing tree.

We have a branch then for each stable kernel we have supported:

mcgrof@tux ~/devel/compat-wireless-2.6 $ git branch -r
  origin/HEAD -> origin/master

A new stable release - the hard way

To generate a tarball for the 2.6.32 kernel we then refer compat-wireless to a stable kernel git tree with that code. Since Linus's tree does not have the extra version releases of each kernel another tree must be used for stable release purposes then. The Unified stable tree is then used for this purpose. You can check out the code here:


So as with the bleeding edge tree we can do:


Since the goal is to make clean tarball without the git tree index stuff a script has been added to allow you to make a release easily:

A new stable release - the easy way


This should tell you it put a tarball under /tmp/staging/ somewhere.

If you have a driver or feature you are testing you can feel free to just stuff it into the compat/patches/ directory and upon a refresh (or ./scripts/ the patch will be applied.

When do updates get made

These are made when Luis gets a chance to run the above script and update hpa's git tree. Betwen extra versions it becomes an easier job. During a new rc1 release a few things needs to be synchronized to ensure the right sha1sum is used from compat-wireless for use as the new branch for the next stable release.

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