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wifi-test is fully automated test script for linux wireless drivers. It's an open-source project.

Git tree

Mailing list and posting patches

This project has its own mailing list.

Wifi test 1.0

wifi-test 1.0 covers following wireless features:

  • BSS: BSS association, fragmentation/RTS/CTS, BSS channels etc
  • IBSS: IBSS association, IBSS fragmentation/RTS/CTS, IBSS channels.
  • Security: WEP (BSS/IBSS), WPA/WPA2, 802.1X.
  • Power management: S3/S4, RFKILL
  • Performance: upload/download speed for different combinations.
  • Others: Wext mode, nl80211 mode
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n: Above features in a/b/g/n band.

Testing environment setup

The minimum testing system requirements are listed below.

  • Two test machines: One as test machine, the other as peer machine in IBSS network testing. If only BSS is tested, one test machine is enough.
  • One server machine: The server machine needs two Ethernet cards, one connects to the Test machine network and the other to the AP network.
  • One AP: Support Cisco AP, Dlink and ASUS AP with CLI (Command Line Interface). For example, Dlink DWL-8200 AP and Cisco1200 series AP.

Here is an example of our test environment:

 | Test Machine |
                 \ ---------                    --------
                  | Test    |     -------      |  AP    |   ---
                  | machine |----| Server |----| network|--| AP |
                  | network |     -------      |        |   ---
                 / ---------                    --------
  ------------- /
 | Peer Machine |


If you run into bugs please report them through the Intel Bugzilla.

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