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Date and Venue

This event will be colocated with Linuxcon North America, but will take place the two days before: on August 15 and 16. You need to register for Linuxcon to be able to attend.


  • WoWLAN
  • P2P: device-controlled listen/find
  • wpa_supplicant (plugin) architecture?
  • wpa_supplicant maintenance?
  • Regulatory revamp
  • DFS
  • Review of upcoming technologies: 802.11ac, 802.11ad
  • What can feasibly be shared between projects? (eg testing frameworks, interoperability, regulatory compliance, debugging/inspection tools, etc.)
  • Automated test framework
  • mac80211 PS code is too complex?
  • everyone use linux-firmware ?

  • Review todo-list

  • State of 802.11s support
  • Lossy medium simulations with hwsim + wmediumd
  • Is the regulatory database change process working?
  • Responsiveness to
  • 802.11k support
  • nl80211/cfg80211 with non-mac80211 drivers (AP mode, P2P, driver offloads, etc.)



  1. Marcel Holtmann
  2. John Linville
  3. Johannes Berg
  4. Luca Coelho
  5. Jouni Malinen
  6. Adrian Chadd (Tentative)
  7. Luis Rodriguez
  8. Kalle Valo
  9. Wey-Yi Guy
  10. Emmanuel Grumbach
  11. Kathy Giori
  12. Daniel Wagner
  13. Yoav Perets
  14. Helmut Schaa
  15. Felix Fietkau
  16. Henry Ptasinski
  17. Ajay Pillai
  18. Atul Joshi
  19. Chris Kilgour
  20. Javier Cardona
  21. Thomas Pedersen
  22. Wojciech Dubowik
  23. Zefir Kurtisi
  24. Assaf Azulay
  25. Kevyn-Alexandre Paré
  26. Tao Fan
  27. Shai Bennathan
  28. Jayant Sane

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