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Berlin, 2009


A small wireless summit colocated with FUDCon. Find more information at


June 26/27 2009 (most (?) people arriving June 25, leaving June 28)


(See FUDCon information)

Confirmed Talks

  • power saving - Kalle (and maybe Johannes wrt. pm_qos?)


  • full-MAC hardware cfg80211 support (connect/disconnect commands) - need at least Jouni, Johannes and Samuel
  • cfg80211 wext compat work
    • channel setting vs. virtual interfaces
    • stats
    • managed mode (Johannes has it mostly worked out in his head, cf. IBSS)
    • iwrate
    • key/auth stuff
    • power saving (iwpower)
    • tx power (iwtxpower)

Suggested topics/talks

  • IBSS support
  • HT/11n - including A-M[PS]DU details
  • mac80211 "entry level" talk
  • maybe talk about cfg80211/mac80211 stuff again (Johannes)?
  • improved roaming support (between BSSes in an ESS)

Confirmed attendees

  • John
  • Kalle
  • Jouni
  • Johannes
  • Helmut
  • Marcel(?)
  • Bob
  • Felix
  • Henning

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