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Integrate GeoClue to help with regulatory compliance

As part of our Linux wireless vendor support strategy we have added a new regulatory infrastructure as of the 2.6.28 kernel. Devices can specify their regulatory domain through different interfaces. Users can further help compliance by specifying their country. We can take advantage of applications such GeoClue to help compliance by making use of the different possible seeds of location we can get on a Linux system.

One initial step here is to extend Network Manager to make use of the information supplied by GeoClue to be able to seed to wpa_supplicant the country which should be set for the current regulatory domain.

Another possible part of this project could be to extend GeoClue to (somehow) use the timezone chosen by the user (e.g. Europe/Berlin) to give a clue about the current country. The GNOME clock applet even allows defining custom locations via their latitude/longitude and setting them with a timezone as a "home location", which may be possible to integrate with GeoClue.

A successful application for this project should show creativity in the various ways to obtain the location and how to deduce the regulatory legislation (country).


Interested Students

  • Kalpana Roy

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