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Developer Documentation

This section tries to organize documentation for new Linux wireless developers.

Development basics

Essential information on how to hack and contribute to Linux wireless.

  • MailingLists - Subscribe to our mailing lists

  • Git-guide - learn to use git, emphasis on Linux wireless

  • IEEE-802.11 standards - standards we use and interpretations to help development

  • SubmittingPatches - guide on how to submit patches for Linux wireless work

  • Glossary - terms we use throughout the wiki you should be familiar with

  • Maintainers - maintainers of current wireless drivers and driver APIs

  • todo-list - Our current TODO list

Driver APIs

Here are all the driver APIs we use to write drivers in Linux:


Here you see the list of changes to all wireless drivers, the wireless core and mac80211.

Everything branch

This is the branch a lot of new items are thrown into which still need some work. Developers should work off of this branch.

Master branch

This is things John has pushed out to Jeff Garzik or David Miller. Once Jeff or Dave push out their changes to Linus then its only a matter of time before we'll get these changes on the next stable kernel release.

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