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March 15, 2011

2.6.38 has been released on March 15.

Worth noting changes:

  • ath5k: AHB bus support (AR231X?)
  • ath9k: fix power problems of certain 3 stream chipsets
  • b43: experimental support for N-PHY devices
  • b43legacy: fix false positive rfkill check
  • iwlagn: use both TX chains on some 6250 with faulty EEPROM
  • iwlwifi: use second RX chain when possible (devices with one TX were affected)
  • iwlwifi: advance power management for 6000g2b and up
  • rt2x00: fix hw crypto for WPA TKIP (Michael MIC failures)
  • rt2x00: support for RT3370/RT3390 devices
  • rt2x00: fix hw crypto in AP mode for older devices (e.g. rt73usb)
  • rtl8192ce: add new driver

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