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December ..., 2009

(up to commit c3da31485f074a6f598b67045b08e2e15d908310)

2.6.32 is still being worked on, but to date close to 1000 patches touching wireless code are in.

Among the changes:

  • lots of wl1251 fixes, support for the 1271 chip
  • orinoco begins conversion to cfg80211
  • nl80211 testmode command for factory testing/calibration
  • cfg80211 gains the ability to connect to APs
  • mac80211 no longer depends on wireless extensions
  • mac80211 scanning is much improved
  • wireless is now network namespace aware
  • mac80211 has a tracer now for driver interaction
  • mac80211 no longer creates the master netdev wmaster0
  • improvements to mac80211's connection loss detection
  • cfg80211 finally verifies that changing channel won't interfere with operation
  • b43 LP PHY support (BCM4312 devices)
  • almost all mac80211 callbacks can now sleep (configure_filter was made able to)
  • rndis_wlan uses cfg80211
  • rtl8187 got rfkill switch support
  • ath9k gets AR9287 support

Quite a number of changes, and not small changes either – for example the ability for cfg80211 to emulate wireless extensions fully now or the LP PHY support in b43.

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