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September 9, 2009

With again almost 600 patches related to wireless, the new 2.6.31 kernel comes with many wireless changes:

  • iwlwifi continues unification between 3945 and AGN hardware
  • the often-discussed rfkill rewrite, along with rfkill integration into cfg80211

  • rndis_wlan starts using cfg80211 as the first full-MAC driver

  • iwlwifi support for 3x3 802.11n hardware
  • cfg80211 now handles connecting to an ad-hoc network (including wext support)
  • initial support for rt2800usb, but still experimental
  • a new wl12xx driver for the TI 1251 B/G chip
  • ath5k has enabled AP mode
  • the hwsim driver can now separate its virtual radios into groups to allow testing mesh topologies
  • there's a new driver for new Intel integrated full-MAC hardware, also using cfg80211

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