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June 9, 2009

This time around for the 2.6.30 kernel release more than 900 patches related to wireless went into the next version of Linux. Besides lots of internal cleanups, notable new features are:

  • rt2x00 now supports powersave (use iwconfig wlan0 power timeout 500ms to enable)

  • rt2x00 now supports mesh (point/portal) and WDS operation
  • ath9k now supports mesh point operation
  • mac80211 IBSS can be fixed to channel/BSSID for those who can't use 802.11s mesh but need layer 3 mesh
  • mac80211 now re-aligns frames where necessary to avoid unaligned IP payload for platforms that are not capable of processing such frames
  • mac80211 can support 802.11w (protected management frames), however the only driver currently supporting it is ath9k (other drivers just need testing)
  • mac80211 now deconfigures/reconfigures the device during suspend/resume
  • iwlwifi now supports 1000/6000 hw series
  • cfg80211/nl80211 support scanning (iw dev wlan0 scan)

  • mac80211 now supports aggregation with iwlwifi again (broken since 2.6.27)

For further wireless related details you can check the 2.6.30 wireless log.

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