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October 10, 2008

Linux 2.6.27 is out. Our patch rate is increasing, there were about 700 patches in wireless code. The feature rate seems to be slightly decreasing, entirely new features are:

  • the ath9k driver

  • Intel wireless 5000 series support
  • some RTL8187B support
  • mac80211_hwsim - virtual 802.11 hardware
  • some of the rt2x00 drivers can do hardware crypto now
  • b43 got mesh networking support

Important internal improvements were made:

  • mac80211 is entirely multi-queue aware now, with the new multi-queue netdev features
  • mac80211 now requires many fewer kmalloc calls – control information was moved to skb->cb

  • mac80211 now creates correct QoS sequence numbers

Unfortunately, as of now, aggregation had to be disabled due needing more than just fixups after the multiqueue work.

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