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July 14, 2008

Linux 2.6.26 is released. With almost 600 changesets related to wireless, this release brings you lots more wireless goodies:

  • mac80211 now supports draft mesh networking (802.11s; thanks to the open80211s project)

  • zd1211rw supports mesh networking (b43 will follow in 2.6.27, hopefully more drivers later)

  • mac80211 now supports more optional HT (802.11n) features
  • mac80211's monitor interfaces can now be configured more precisely, "cooked" monitors were added
  • mac80211's IBSS implementation now supports IBSS merging and received various bugfixes
  • mac80211 now has an in-kernel documentation book, help welcome!

  • b43 now has support for PCMCIA devices and QoS/WME

Also, lots of removals this time:

  • the bcm43xx driver
  • the old ieee80211softmac code

Access point mode has received a lot of attention in the stack and drivers, but is not ready yet.

Finally, lots of internal API updates and fixes.

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